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Citizenship Board & App Game
US $42.95
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INCLUDES: Game Board, 4 Immigrant Playing Pieces
and Deck of Faceless Bureaucrat Cards

The game board, cards and playing pieces work with the free iPhone app for 2 or more players. The board can be used for any country of citizenship that is added to the iPhone app, so you and your friends can test your chances of gaining citizenship in countries other than your own.

Download the Free App

The Citizenship Board & App Game iPhone app contains thousands of citizenship interrogation questions to play the board game, as well as the game rules. The app is regularly updated with new questions so that the game remains current. Interrogation questions are now available to test citizenship for the USA and Australia, with more countries to come.


"Love the fact that this game will never get out of date by putting all the question cards in an iPhone app."

Diego - Sydney, Australia